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Most Popular Android Games Downloaded in 2018

Top 8 Android Games in 2018 That You Must Play!

Android Games

Best Android Games 2018 - Android Games is the most sought category in the play store because the price is relatively cheap and easy to play.

So don't be surprised some of the latest games are released in the play store always has the largest number of downloads up to reach millions of times.

And here are 8 Most downloaded Android Games in 2018:

#1. PUBG Mobile

Top Android Games 2018

All gamers must be familiar with this game, the game type "Battle Royale". This game is not much different from its PC version.

PUBG Mobile is purposely made specifically for gamers who can't play on PC.

Tencent as publisher PUBG Mobile makes this game can be downloaded all circles alias free. Unlike the paid Steam, on Playstore you can download this one game for free for all user.

#2. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Best Android Games Free

Who is not familiar with Mobile Legends games? Games that have reached 100 million downloads is indeed very popular among gamers.

Has a pretty much hero and its own uniqueness make 'Mobile Legends' in demand many people including children though.

Montoon Party as the publisher 'Mobile Legends' itself is always trying to present a quality game and interesting events to make the player feel comfortable and feel at home playing this one game.

#3. Arena of Valor

Best Android Games 2018

When the game 'Mobile Legends' is becoming more popular, apparently Garena publish new game MOBA genre, namely 'Arena Of Valor' or commonly called AOV.

This one game is not much different from the MOBA in general and has a pretty good character.

But what makes this game somewhat different from 'Mobile Legends' is in terms of more realistic and more refined graphics.

But the number of AOV enthusiasts is not as much as mobile game legends that reach 100 Million downloads.

#4. Free Fire

Android Games 2018

This is the latest game managed by Garena, a game that genre Battleroyale similar to PUBG Mobile. but apparently this very new game has captivated the lovers of 'Battle Royale'.

the most impressive is the game is capable of playing on low specifications and most important thing is this game is free.

For big fans of 'Battle Royale' but only has a gadget pickup, 'Free Fire' is the answer.

#5. Lineage II Revolution

Top Android Games

This mobile game is very much getting praise from the gamers because this game presents real-time PvP which means we fight other players on time directly with us.

Not only that, on Lineage II Revolution in one room there are 100 people which means they will play 50 v 50.

Interested to try this one game?

#6. Rules of Survival

Best Android Games of All Times

Who does not know NetEase, this provider unceasingly makes gamers Battleroyale lovers happy.

Games from NetEase named 'Rules Of Survival' or commonly called ROS is not much different from PUBG Mobile.

The Free Fire game competition gets quite a lot of pros and cons, and lately, it's said that ROS publishers are being sued by PUBG Mobile because of plagiarism in terms of graphics and items in the game.

#7. Legacy of Discord

Best Android Games Free Download

For game enthusiasts with the MMORPG genre must have a lot to know with this one game.

'Legacy Of Discord' gets a lot of fans because their ads always appear everywhere, plus good graphics and other features that can make gamers fascinated.

As with any other MMORPG, what distinguishes this game is certainly a very good graphics plus many characters or heroes.

This makes you feel very free to choose different kinds of heroes in the game.

#8. Lords Mobile

List of Android Games

Are you a reliable strategy? and likes to strategize or form war? then this game called 'Lords Mobile' would be perfect for you.

Because the popularity of this game managed to attract many fans because of its unique gameplay and even has downloaded as many as 50 million downloads.

For those of you who are curious to download this game for free on Playstore or Appstore.


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