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7 Top Facts about Resident Evil 7

Top Facts about Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 Top Facts - As the biggest game franchise, there are some facts and mysteries of Resident Evil 7 shown in the demo version. Let’s take one example we can see the appearance of a mysterious and creepy girl like a ghost like a picture below. And also, the voice of someone mysterious who call you and connect you to your character when you access a certain area. 

Well, as Game News mentioned before that this is one of the biggest franchise game. It is not wondering that they will keep the biggest fact, secret, and easter eggs in Resident Evil 7. 

Are you curious what are they? Game News will check it out...

1. Sweet Home

Top Facts about Resident Evil 7
Sweet Home
This secret probably will always be a secret if you do not know the history behind the making of the first game of Resident Evil. 

In the Beginning Hour, it tells the story of three crew members from the sewer gators to show who will be performing their last episode off at the Baker family’s home. 

The three crew from that event, cameraman Clancy Jarvis, producer Andre Strickland and host Peter Walken decided to see the house the day before the shoot.

Although the first house seems as an empty house, in the middle of their preparation Andre actually disappeared mysteriously and made his friends find him in the dark. 

This plot has the same plot as Sweet Home, other  Capcom game that made back in 1989 and inspired this legendary game, Resident Evil. 

In the game, five documentary film makers infiltrated into famous painter’s house who had died finding the painting. 

Inside the house, the movie crew had to deal with a mystical woman who might kill them - just like Sewer Gator’s crew who had to deal with Jack Baker. 

2. Blair Witch Project

Top Facts about Resident Evil 7
Blair Witch Projects
Apparently, the popularity of Blair Witch Projects has inspired many people including Capcom. Derelict House of Footage is a reference to the last scene of this movie. 

In Blair Witch Project tells about Heater Donahue, Joshua Leonard, and Michael Williams who are on a mission to find the figure of Blair Witch and make a documentary about it. However, their journey of finding it was not easy. 

They feel tired after days of walking without a clear goal and began to spark a fight until Michael lose his mind senses. 

In the final scene of the movie, Heather finds Michael standing facing the wall. As he approached his friend. A mysterious thing attacked him and ended the movie. 

This scene has the same scene in the video of Derelict House of Footage. Where the ending tells about Clancy found the lifeless body facing the wall before he got the attack. 

3. Painting of Mount Arklay

Top Facts about Resident Evil 7
Mount Arklay
Unlike the two previous games, The Resident Evil 7 will require you to search every corner of the Baker’s house. 

The element of survival horror that is felt within this game always makes you more details and appreciate every item that you found in the house. However, besides the bullets and the plants that can cure him that spread around the house corner. 

But, in one room you will find a painting that will definitely look familiar to the fans of this game. 

The painting is Mount Arklay, where the Spencer Mansion established and become one of the setting places in the first game. Although was only a glimpse, however, the painting is one of proof that Capcom trying to connect between two games in different generations. 

But, this is not the only thing that connects Resident Evil 7 with other games in this franchise. 

4. Clive R. O’Brian Novel

Top Facts about Resident Evil 7
Clive R. O'Brian Novel
This secret might be a little be too hard to be known by the people who never play the Resident Evil: Revelations. 

In the Baker’s living room, there was a novel entitled The Unveiled Abyss by Clive R. O’brian that tells about the experience on the Queen Zenobia’s boat. 

Within the game, O’brian is the leader of BSAA (Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance) that giving the mission to Jill Valentine to look got Chris Redfield.

Even though in the Resident Evil 7 O’brian was not the leader of BSAA, it seems like he still in the mission as a consultant for this organization. 

This thing was thought that O’brian was the character that giving the mission to the Chris Redfield for saving Ethan in the end of Resident Evil 7. 

5. Alyssa Ashcroft

Alyssa Ashcroft's Journal
This secret also will be one of connecting the dots between one game to the other. Resident Evil: Outbreak maybe one one of the game from this franchise that was not well known in the society. 

The plot of this game was almost the same with the other Resident Evil. But, within this game, the player can play many characters with a much different ability. 

This game was a breakthrough from Capcom. In the Outbreak itself, the Raccoon City where the 8 people stuck in the bar and they have to escape from the zombie attack in this city. One of the characters was Alysa Ashcroft, a very brave journalist who never have any scare-nerves. 

In the Resident Evil 7, Ethan read the newspaper in Barker’s living room. This newspaper contains one article about Alysa Ashcroft. In the article explained about what was happened in Dulvey, where 20 people have been disappeared mysteriously within 2 years. 

We conclude that after what happened in Raccoon City, Ashcroft still working as a journalist that purposely want to reveal about the zombie attack.

6. Trevor and Chamberlain Construction

Trevor and Chamberlain
Anyone can think who has the mad idea to design a house complete with traps and doors that can only be opened with a shadow, then you’ll get the answer in Lucas’s room. 

In the room, Ethan finds a contract that reads the name of Trevor and Chamberlain Construction, a company that appears and related to George Trevor. 

 As an architect that famous for his ability to create a secret room, George got an offer from Oswell E. Spencer to create his own home - a mysterious house that was the beginning of Chris Redfield adventure in Resident Evil. 

7. 1408

Top Facts about Resident Evil 7
When you enter a room that was designed by Lucas, Ethan has to find a code to continue his journey. 

After defeating Eveline, a piece of paper write a number 1408 found in Clancy’s body that has been burnt. For many people, that numbers have no meaning, but, Capcom chooses the number with a reason. 

That numbers are adapted from Stephen King’s novel. 1408 tell about a hotel room that had a dark history about murder everyone that stay in the room. 

In the end of the movie, the main characters Mike Enslin make one Molotov bomb to help him escape from the room.

That room door finally opens, with Mike’s body that has been burnt. This scene was the same scene with what happened to Clancy when she was trying to escape from the room. 

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From all of those secrets and facts. Which one have you found? Or if you find other secret or facts. Please share with us !

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