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7 Upcoming Survival Games in 2017 - 2018

Upcoming Survival Games

Upcoming Survival Games - We already in the two third of 2017, but it’s never too early to anticipate what will be going on in 2018. With plenty of exciting surprise release windows for next year (and maybe beyond that) there must be lots of more exciting new games coming up in 2018. 

In 2017 we know some of the famous game that filling our youtube channel or google such as Resident Evil 7, Friday the 13th, ARK: Survival Evolved, etc.

Every year game’s developer will release many astonishing games. And this astonishing games will always include the challenging and thinking games that make you think how to survive to win the games. 

Hereby, GameNews will give you the best 10 survival games in 2017 and in the upcoming 2018: 

1. Frostpunk (2017)

Upcoming Survival Games
The creator of This War of Mine that released in 2014 finally announced that they will launch the same survival game called Frostpunk.

Somewhere in 2017, this studio will release on PC. This game will start in the 19th-century world devastated by a new ice age, you lead a small band of survivors, building up a city and mining resources to fuel your steam power technology. 

If you run out of coal or don’t build enough shelters, your people begin to fall ill and will die. The idea of this game is very different from in This War of Mine. 

In This War of Mine, the survival only matters with two people and moved into the bigger scale. In this game, you need to take care of a group of people by surviving in one idea. 

This is not only being in one place together but also following the same rules and believe in the same things. 

As a player, this game will invite you to always think the short-term and long-term cost and benefits of the player’s decisions. 

Player can force the people to work around the clock to mine more resources. But, if they get sick or ill, then you will lose workers while still having to feed them.

Occasionally, the people will approach you and ask you to provide them things like more shelter or foods. 

2. Claw Hunter (2017)

Upcoming Survival Games in 2017
Claw Hunter
Claw Hunter is being praised for the visual achievement and feast for the eyes, Claw Hunter takes place in a perfectly preserved. 

It takes on the Cretaceous period world in 17th century Polynesia. The players will have the opportunity to command three characters: 

A brave hero on the pilgrimage to save his people from the vengeful Thunder God, A female shaman who has the supernatural gift to communicate with the dinosaurs and a Dutch professor washed ashore in a trading shipwreck. 

Each character that has their own abilities, as the protagonists must work together to defeat two common enemies: 

Wild dinosaurs and a human tribe far more insidious than the prehistoric beasts. In a fantastical twist, the player will be able to learn to unlock methods to persuade the dinosaurs to become the player’s allies. 

3. Die Young (2017)

Upcoming Survival Games
Die Young
Couple months ago Indiegala has announced one of the indie game entitled Die Young that will be released soon for PC devices. Now, this game has been passed the alpha test on Steam service. In addition, Die Young game also can be purchased on the Indiegala site with only 10 USD. 

In the trailer, the main character was described as a young woman. This young woman was at the party and having fun with her friends. But, suddenly something unexpected happens and found herself being kidnapped and taken on a very strange island. 

The game starts once the woman wakes up. This survival game purpose is to survive and out from the island. The player has to learn to survive by utilizing the resources to eat and drink. But not only eat and drink, the player also needs to avoid the attacks from some animals in the island. 

4. Lost Region (2017)

Upcoming Survival Games
Lost Region
Hi, big fans of the survival genre game! You will probably already know about this game. This game was developed by the Ukrainian developer From Studio for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows platforms.

Lost Region has 4 main features: 
  • A wide world explores - You will be able to explore every building and visit any corner of the world with the area over 64 sq/km, to loot supplies and the necessary tools to survive.
  • The ability to create clans together with other players and also join the existing group - Bandit
  • A wide spectrum of buildings – from the little house to huge base with other players and NPCs. Capture, protect, create, destroy. You cannot survive in this world being homeless. Groups, research teams, and mercenaries are trying to survive in the new cruel world. 
  • Choose your own way– Bandit, Mechanic, Soldier or just an adventurer. Only you choose your destiny. Do all the best to survive in this world.

5. The Last of Us Part 2 (2018)

Upcoming Survival Games
The Last of Us II
The trailer was shown at the very at the very end of Sony’s presentation at E3 2016, and it shows the older Ellie and Joel, five years after the events of the original game, Ellie has grown up as 19 years old girl. 

In the announcement trailer shown clearly that Ellie has been in a fight, hence the corpses scattered around in the house, and she promises Joel that she’ll “kill them all”. 

Currently, we don’t have enough source about the plot of the Last of Us Part 2. According to the many sources make sure that Ellie will act as the main character. But, we deeply know that Joel acts as the supporting role. 

The game might still over a year away, but this hasn't stopped fans around the Internet from searching for hidden messages or clues in the trailer, connecting some interesting dots along the way.

6. Rise of The King (2018)

Upcoming Survival Games in 2017
Rise of the King
Most action-adventure survival gamers are probably looking forward to this game that will be released in 2018 or even possibly sooner. Yes, Rise of the King is currently in development, revelations Games are launching the game on PC.
This game will take place in a harsh winter climate and all while exploring the northern region of Arnithon to find the disappearance of a missing boy. In the meantime, you as the player need to build a camp, craft supplies, and hunt for food to keep alive. 

The developers professionally crafted out a unique blend of survival and investigation. This game will come out with intuition to figure clues, track suspects, and speak to the locals to get further information about the boy’s disappearance. 

This game also equipped with mini-map or quest log, so, it will be just you and your own personal journal to solve the mystery.

7. State of Decay 2 (2018)

Upcoming Survival Games in 2018
State of Decay 2
If you are the huge fans of Walking Dead. We will give you this exciting information. This game called State of Decay 2 will be released in 2018 to give you the real forging bonds between survivors and building up a community that has a basic purpose which survives from the zombie apocalypse. 

State of Decay 2 takes those values to heart with co-op for up to four players which have the same agreement to work together instead of backstabbing one another. 

To keep alive you should build up your customizable encampment. You need to walk or go with the car killing the zombie all along the way. And if someone, unfortunately, getting bitten, you as the friend should choose one choice between giving them the limited supply of medicine or ending their suffering by putting the bullet in their head.

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