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6 Secrets to becoming MVP in Clash of Clans

Secrets to becoming MVP in Clash of Clans

GameNews.biz - For gamers, Clash of Clans not new from them because it's already published in 2012 but in the earlier time only can play in iOs (both iPhone and iPad).

Even it's already published 5 years ago, Clash of Clans still become popular games and have massive game also already downloaded by people over the world for 100,000,000, times until now.

The idea of this game inspired by anime game and the main point of this game is how we make great defense through our troops so we won't lose and our assets will be stolen by them.

Clash of Clans is an online game so we need a good internet connection to play this so we won't get any lag while playing this. Another good news, we also can play this game on PC too so we will be satisfied because we can play that through a bigger screen and better resolution too. 

While playing this game, we gonna meet so many enemies (and it can be our real friend too) so we should have a good strategy and good defense to win the war game

And what we should do to win again and again also become a good leader for our troops? Here are some tips you can try to make you as real MVP for this game:

1. Make Special Email For This Game

Secrets to becoming MVP in Clash of Clans
CoC Google Sign In
Another email? Why we have to use another account for this game? After we download this game, we will be asked to make an account which needs Google email and will be used to save our progress in this game so we can log in anywhere with the same account and doesn't need to start the game from the beginning again. When we get bored with our village, we can start a new one with sell our previous village. Sounds good, right?

2. Follow The Tutorial

Secrets to becoming MVP in Clash of Clans
CoC Tutorial
Like every game, we will see the tutorial in the beginning of the game and we also can see it in this game and most of us don't read the details because we think we can mastered this game in short time.

But you're totally wrong if you do that in this game because the tutorial very helps us to become succeed leader. From tutorial, we will learn some basic things like how to make some buildings, how to win when there's a war, make a great strategy so we can win the war, or how to make great defense so our enemies can't steal our resources, and so on.

3. Buy Builders

CoC Builders
In the beginning, we can get two builders which we can buy with the elixir. But it would be totally different when we need to buy third or fourth builders because we need to buy it with gems, which to collect that is harder than collect some elixir. 

The more builder we have, it will accelerate what we need to do to the next level which means we will get more interesting challenges.

4. Join Another Clans

Secrets to becoming MVP in Clash of Clans
CoC Clans
It's common things when we visit other villages and found castle which already broke. If we have enough resources, we can help their kingdom by fixing it and after that, they will ask us to join their clan. 

We can choose to join them or not because we will need so many clans to which different things they asked from us. To join other clans, we need to give them something, like some trophy or donates. 

It needs too see the details about what they asked and think about what advantages we will get because of we still in the early game and of course we also need lot donates to expands our kingdom. 

For a beginner, we don't have so many trophies because more trophies we have means we will get stronger enemies and we can be lost if we not ready and doesn't have a good defense. 

Of course, we don't want that to happen, right? That's why we in the earlier level we need to focus on increasing our defense through resources and elixir we have. 

5. Collect A Lot of Gems

Secrets to becoming MVP in Clash of Clans
CoC Gems
Gems are very valuable thing in this game because it's difficult to have it and to buy some things we only can do this by gems. 

Thats why we should use gems carefully because we will need a lot of gems in the next levels. We can get gems only in three ways, which are finished some achievements, clean our village, or buy it with real money with our credit card or any seller. 

Mistake which usually beginner do in this game uses gems for finish some achievement so they can reach next level faster, and honestly, we don't have to do this because it will finish step by step. 

So, it really has to note to use our gems to buy another builder and use it carefully.

6. Attack Another Clans

Secrets to becoming MVP in Clash of Clans
CoC War
Why do we need to attack another clan? Because we need to do that to survive in our kingdom and become a winner! Besides that, we will get lot advantages when winning the war, such as get lot gold, elixir, and gems. 

We also can do some research in the laboratory to know what the weakness of another clan so we can win the war and stole the resources. To start a war, we have to make sure our troops already a strong one so we won't lose anything from our kingdom. 

That's some things we can do while playing this game and how to become MVP only in short time. Hope you enjoy this game!

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