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4 Basic Things You Have to Know About Virtual Families 2

Basic Things You Have to Know About Virtual Families 2

GameNews.biz - Virtual Families is another simulation game which asked us to control their social life. It's kinda same with The Sims but more simple and doesn't need lot spaces like The Sims do. Virtual Families is created by Last Day of Work and until now it already has 3 series which the first version published in 2009. 

For the second series, this game not only created by Last Day of Works but also Big Fish Games and the last version recently published this year. Each version has the same storyline, which classified as simulation game in real time.

In this game, we asked to encourage the character to earn some money to buy some foods or get medicine every time they're sick so they can live their life happily.  We can play this game until 14 generations and it seems like a long-life game too, right?

what we have to do in this game so we can be a successful person who happy with our lives and of course have a happy family too,  there are some basic things you should know when deciding to play this game because it will become addicting one!

Selecting Character And Career

Basic Things You Have to Know About Virtual Families 2
Select Your Career
We start this game with choose characteristic in people we will play and suggested to choose the best one because it will affect the story of the game. We will found so much candidate with different gender, age, profession, salary, want kids or not, and things they hate. 

Its better to choose a person with a good salary, at least can earn $105-135 each day and have $100 in their bank so we can gain some money faster than another person who has lower money in their profile. 

Its also important to see the point about they want to have children or not because they will end up arguing with their partner when discussing idea having a child or adopting it. 
Their profession as carpenter or builder give us some benefits than another profession because we can expand the room or fix things without spend lot money.

Design Your Dream House!

Basic Things You Have to Know About Virtual Families 2
Design the House
Most interesting part of this game is we can decorating our house and make them who live there happy. We can buy some items in the shop, and designing our bedrooms, child rooms, living room, or even play room for our kids. 

Every character also has needs like a person in real, such as they need to be happy, healthy, need some food, and have enough rest so it's our job to make the house which can fulfill all their needs! 

Doing Things

Basic Things You Have to Know About Virtual Families 2
Doing Things
There are some plenty activities we can do in this game, such as study in computer to gain some skills, gain some happiness with watching TV or catch some bugs (we can sell that afterwards), do some shopping so we have something in our refrigerator and can cook anytime so they would not become starving, or fix things. 

We only can put them into things we want to do because they will choose what they do with those things and if what they do is like what we want, we can praise them with green gloves which also increase their happiness. 

We also can scold them for actions they do and vice versa, they will lose their happiness and it can lead to being blue or worse: depression also can affect to their healthiness so they can become extremely weak. 

Of course, we don't want this to happen, right? what we can do to make them happy again is doing something they like or ask them to more relaxing until they happy again so they will recovery slowly. We also can buy some medicine in store so they will become healthy again. 

Growing Our Family

Basic Things You Have to Know About Virtual Families 2
Growing Families
When we ready to growing more our family (read: have a partner) what we should do is choose the best partner through the computer and choose the best characteristic like what we did in the beginning. 

After we decide which one is the best, our partner will arrive in our house then we can talk, do some activities together, or have a baby! When we decide to have kids, is not always a success because it also depends on their mood at the moment. 

We also can have twins or triplets with use Baby Boost which we can buy it in the shop. If we failed to have kids, again and again, we also can choose to adopt a child which can be offered through the game. We can have 6 children in one generation.

Like we talked in the beginning, this game is based in real time which means our kids will growing up too. when they still 3-14 years old, they can make our house really mess because they will play inside the wardrobe, banging the plates, playing with books or lamps, play in the toilet, or jumping in bed. 

It would really change when they already 14 years old because they will start the study and help their parents to do some things, like prepare the meals, washes the dishes, learning some new recipes. 

They will leave the house at 18 years old and will come back if we choose she/he to continue our generation. This life cycle will be same until we reach the 14th generation.

So, what do you think about this game? Sounds like interesting one because it also includes strategy to make a happy family, right? Hope you enjoy this game!    

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