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What We Have to Know About FIFA 17 and Mastered in A Hour

What We Have to Know About FIFA 17 and Mastered in A Hour

FIFA 17 Tips and Trick - FIFA 17 is one of the best football game for many people (both for gamers and beginner) and some real football also a big fan of this game. 

FIFA 17 is a sports video game in FIFA series which developed and published by Electronic Arts and released in September 2016. 

This is also first FIFA series which use Frostibe game engine and make us able to use more attacking techniques, a physical player over haul, active intelligence system, and set piece rewrite. 

FIFA 17 introduced a new-single-player story campaign mode, which name as The Journey and available in PS4, Xbox One, also Windows. 

The commentaries of this version also still same like previous one, which is Martin Tyler and Alan Smith, Alan McNally in game score updates, Geoff Shreeves in injuring reports, and Mike West in the classified result of major leagues. 

We also can hear these commentaries in another language, which available in Spanish and French. 

In here, we will play as Alex Hunter, a 17-years-old male from London who his grandfather is a former football player who comes from English too, Jim Hunter! 

Who doesn't know Jim Hunter? Jim Hunter is one of a legendary football player who scored 22 goals in the 1968-1969 season.  

All of his achievement inspired Hunter to be a legendary football player too and he starts it with the group which formed with his best friend, Gareth Walker. 

Our game start with we take on the exit trial with Gareth; whether we can win or lose while doing this. When we become the winner, Hunter will start his journey with Gareth as his team mate and play in one of English club and join the Premier League. 

When we become a successful player, we will be signed into Hunter’s parent club and we can choose the best English club, which are Newcastle United, Aston Villa, or Norwich City. 

After we win some tournaments with that club in EFL Championship, we will also realize if Gareth already leaves the team and now will become Hunter’s rival in some tournaments.

What We Have to Know About FIFA 17 and Mastered in A Hour
The Journey
So, what we really do in this game? We will do some things like the previous version, which is 50-50 our time is used between training and tournaments and start from this game there's also some conversation after the matches. 

We also have a role in this conversation, a.k.a we’re doing some press with reporters and give them the best answer so we make a good impression and make us have lot followers on Twitter. 

Theres no specific “win” or “lose” in this journey because our goals are to balancing popularity with the manager and our followers so we keep everyone happy and it would be a great outcome for Hunter.

When we can't balancing this two things so well, we gonna meet some difficulties while in this game and make this longer than it should be and see the happy endings. Of course, we don't want this to happen, right? 

To finish this game, we need at least 16 hours which already include performing each training session and tournaments without stimulating anything. 

We also can get injured in this game too but also give us an advantage because we can pick two over the whole season and we only can choose one of them in pre-made cut scenes with psychic and coach who would tell us to do RICE (Rest-Ice-compress-elevate) and learn to “run clever”. 

There's also some special technique we can do so we reach the goals faster than another people, or finish this game faster! What are them then? Here it is!

What We Have to Know About FIFA 17 and Mastered in A Hour
FIFA 17 Gameplay
  • Protect The Balls From Every Side - Electronic Arts already improve their physical techniques in FIFA 17 and make us able to do more techniques with more control our body language and we can more intensely protect the ball with standing around it and give them to another friend successfully.
  • Use Driven And Headed shot - The worst part of previous version FIFA is we can't predict how good our shot to make goals and don't know the condition of our power, what is the accurate distance, etc. From this version, we will know about some details to make successful goals, the accurate distance so we can make great goals, from which corner we should do this shot, etc.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice! - We need to keep practice so we will get better in some techniques, like getting better in corner shots, free kicks, and penalties. With more practice, we will know more about how to set piece to make great goals, hot to make best shots, how to make great defense in our team, and so on. 

That's are the walkthrough of FIFA 17 and some tricks we need to do so we can be a great player only in an hour. Sounds interesting, right? Hope you enjoy this game!  

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