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Danger Side Effects If You Become A Professional Gamers!

Gamenews.biz, Playing games is very fun and addictive, and very useful to relieve our stress from the complexity of day-to-day problems and work. The main goal in every game is to win, and to win we need to have good tactics and great skill, if you always play the same game in a long time and as time goes by your skill will increase sharply and become professional gamers. But on the other hand to be a professional gamers it have their own negative effects.

Especially if you are too professional in online games it will feel the effect, here are some negative effects if you are too great in playing the game:

Got Kicked from the Room Play, Called Cheaters, Even got reported to banned you!

Danger Side Effects If You Become A Professional Gamers!
Cheat Game
Playing too professional player in video games will make the opponents team wonder and become annoyed towards us, it's very often happens if we play online games, the opposing team will accuse us as cheaters, and make a vote for us to get kicked of the game room. Even until someone has reported us to be banned because we are accused as cheaters!

Become anti-social

Danger Side Effects If You Become A Professional Gamers!
You become so addictive to video games that you have your own ambition to be the greatest and most professional of your favorite video games. Because you have strong ambitions you do not socialize with others, in mind you just want to go home and play games all day and that makes you anti-social.

Almost average like that, although not all the gamers like that there are still others who want to socialize with friends.

People always think you never have a boyfriend / girlfriend

Danger Side Effects If You Become A Professional Gamers!
People around you must always think you are always single and never have a boyfriend or girlfriend, they must assume you are too busy playing games all the time without going socialize with others, the same with the previous discussion you become very addictive and have great ambition to be very professional In the game.

In fact, it turns out many gamers who already have their boyfriend or girlfriend, Especially if your lover is gamers too. It has become a habit of a lot people always assume playing games is the same as being anti-social

Called Jobless

Too much time playing games all day will make you look like unemployed and no work at all. People assume you spend your time in vain without any benefit at all. You will also underestimate small things and small task. There are even people who are desperate to spend a few days without eating and drinking just to play the game.

On the other hand you can play games while making money from your activities, so if anyone thinks you do not have a job, they don't know anything at all, but you can earn money just from playing the game. Starting from selling items, making youtube gaming and more. We have tips for how to make money from gaming.


That's 4 dangers if you play the game too professional, occasionally try to socialize to the outside world and interact with your friends. I'm sure you would not care about those who call you cheaters, because you're professional and they're just regular players. And I'm sure also that all gamers also like to socialize and already have a lover :D

That's all, have a great day, friends! Gamenews.biz

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