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The 5 Most Disappointing Boss Fight Ever in Video Games

The Most Disappointing Boss Fight Ever in Video Games
Dissapointing Boss Fight Ever

Have you ever been disappointed with boss fight in your favorite video games? But you've been waiting for it later by raising the level of game character, intensifying your gear and others, and it turns out ... the boss you're waiting for is weak, running away or just disappearing without any fight that makes you really disappointed.

Today gamenews.biz will discuss the boss fight list that is very disappointing! (2007 - 2012 Games)

Fabien - Fable II                                                                                     

You've spent your time for hours, days, weeks just to refine and raise your level just to get ready for the final boss, but it turns out .. when you meet Fabien (Fable II Final Boss) there is no Great or other action, but only in one shot and he died instantly!

The Destroyer - Borderlands                                                                    

Borderlands .. a very fun game with interesting and unique storyline, you are willing to spend your time about 50 hours in this game, but when met The Destroyer was very not in accordance with expectations. Really very challenging and not stressful.

The Destroyer just stays in place and shows his weakness and we just shoot him until he dies.

The Dark Prince - Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones

The Dark Prince .. sounds so evil am i right? But it's useless he's a coward, yes coward, why? Because he just runs away when he meets us when we've been hoping for a great and challenging battle, but it turns out The Dark Prince just runs away, aw!

Rodrigo Borgia - Assassin's Creed II

Ezio spent half his year in revenge against Rodrigo Borgia, with lots of practice, killing all of Rodrigo's men, preparing the plan carefully and finally when Ezio meets with Rodrigo we will assume there will be a fight that uses magic or something like that.

But apparently only fighting without using weapons at all and worse Ezio did not kill him and just let him live, what a waste! 

The Starchild - Mass Effect 3

There is no great boss battle, no final battle, there are only enemies who have no face. There is only a ten-year-old boy who has a delusions of peace and address through destruction and this is the end of the tremendous conflict in the Mass Effect trilogy after three careful decision-making games and galactic disputes.

So what's your response? Is there another boss fight that is disappointing? If any please fill in the comment field below!

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