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How to Improve Your PC Gaming

How to Improve Your PC Gaming
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gamenews.biz, I believe all gamers always want a good PC performance and high FPS to play games with high graphics settings even to ultra settings, but whether all PCs can run such high settings? Certainly not all! So we will give you tips on how to improve your PC gaming performance.

1. Make sure you have the latest update for the graphics card driver

Have you checked the latest updates for your graphics card? If not, you should check it now! Why? This is an important concern for graphics card drivers as each update will always improve the performance to play games on the pc and doing updates can also increase the graphic beauty of the game, if you not daily check your updates may bugs and errors will always haunt your gaming experience.

2. Keep Your PC Temperature Cool

How to Improve Your PC Gaming
Liquid Cooler PC
This is very important to keep your PC long, keep your computer cool temperature should be done because it is very influential on PC performance, avoiding frequent crashes and computer burning.

One way to keep the computer cool is the liquid cooling system, heatsinks and external fan additions, so you can keep your PC healthy.

3. Use Tune-Up / CCleaner

Using tuneup or ccleaner can be very useful for those who realize it, this software can relieve memory dump files stacked and if we just left it without cleaning, it can eat up your HDD space to 10GB even more, of course this is very detrimental to your PC perfomance.

This 2 software can be very helpful also fix computer registry error without us realize, fix registry files can reduce the frequency of crashes in your game.

4. Optimization Your Game Settings

Optimization Settings
Optimization Settings

Before you start your new game it is advisable to do game setup optimization first, this suggestion only applies to medium or low end PC and inevitably this is one of the best way to improve frame-rate and game performance.

If you already have high end PCs of course do not need to read this suggestion.

5. Use SSD For Faster Loading in Game

SSD is the latest hardware and innovation for PC in order to data storage, a very useful function of SSD is to speed up loading games that have high graphics and high system requirements.

6. Try to Overclock the Hardware

Improve your PC Gaming
Overclock Hardware
Note that this is not the case because not all PCs are advised to overclock the hardware because it is very risky, but if you already know how and know its risk to RAM, CPU and Graphics Card you can try to do it.

You can search Google software that works to Overclock

7. Optimize using Gaming Evolved or GeForce Experience

If you use branded graphics cards such as AMD Radeon or NVIDA, you can use AMD Gaming Evolved or GeForce Experience which can be downloaded from their official website, these 2 applications can perform automatic optimization for PC performance.

That's 7 ways from gamenews.biz to improve the quality and gaming experience for you, hopefully useful and please share it to your gaming friends!

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