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9 Important Guide For Buying Perfect Gaming Laptop

Guide For Buying Perfect Gaming Laptop
Gamenews.biz, We know you guys really want a quality gaming laptop and powerful in playing high-graphic next-gen games. But of course before you buy a gaming laptop, a lot to be aware of its spec.

Do not let you already bought a gaming laptop but the quality is still below expectations, here are things to watch out for before buying a gaming laptop:


The processor is the most important thing and the brain of a laptop (PC too). The more higher and more powerful processors will make the performance of gaming laptops will become better and more satisfying. Current gaming laptops are usually equipped with high processor, both Intel and AMD.

If you are one of the heavy game players and love to play for hours, you better choose a laptop that uses Intel processors. Because this processor proved to be more power-efficient and does not heat quickly so it's safe to keep your laptop's life.

Please note also on gaming laptops with Intel processors, make sure you choose a laptop with a processor labeled MQ or HQ (example: i7-6700HQ). Never choose an Intel processor with U lable to play games, because the processor labeled U is usually used for light things only and not for playing games.

The minimum Intel processor required from a gaming laptop is the Intel Core i5, and the recommended Intel Core i7. As for the recommended AMD processors are A10 and FX Series.

Another thing you need to consider is the processor speed (GHz). The higher the GHz number, the better.


Random Access Memory or also known as RAM is the main thing for your laptop speed.

Never buy a laptop under 4GB of RAM but make sure you buy a laptop with up to 4GB of RAM, it is also recommended that the laptop has an extra slot for RAM, it is used if you feel your RAM is less fast then you can buy additional RAM.

Better to use DDR4 type RAM, but if using DDR3 is also not a problem. Next-Gen Game is now asking for 8GB of RAM, if you want to add satisfactory buy RAM with a total of 16GB.

Graphic Card / VGA

One of the most important things for your laptop is the graphics card. VGA affects the look and quality of games when we play. Because the current game usually has a wow and quite realistic look.

Minimun VGA needed in gaming laptop is Nvidia GT840. It is recommended to choose Nvidia GTX Series, such as GTX950, GTX960, GTX970 or GTX980.

As for AMD VGA, you can try R7 230 or above or R9 Series.

But for me personally I prefer Nvidia graphics card, because Nvidia has Physx feature and also support to make video editor.


Battery is a major problem on laptops especially for playing games, but unfortunately there is no battery that is really strong to play in a long duration, the longest possibility is only able to survive for 2 hours and even below that.

Our tips are to buy 2 removable laptop batteries, if the first battery is running out, you can replace it with a 2nd full battery while you charge on the first battery.

! Never remove the battery when the laptop is on, this can lead to damage to the motherboard on the laptop !.

Storage Media

There are two storage media on a laptop, the SSD and HDD. On gaming laptops, you better choose who has a HDD at least 1TB (1000 GB). Because the current game will take a lot of storage when installed.

Some of the latest gaming laptops currently provide slots to add HDD for storage can be added, this can also be a consideration in choosing a gaming laptop.

You need to know, if you buy a gaming laptop that has an SSD, do not ever install the game into the SSD. SSDs usually have limited capacity, use SSDs only to store system operation.

If the capacity of your SSD is large (500GB+), you can put the game in it without problem.

Laptop's Keyboard

For the recommended laptop keyboard that has a backlight feature to be able to clearly see the keyboard in the dark.

Screen Resolution

The larger the screen resolution then your gaming experience will feel maximal.

The minimal screen resolution required to select a gaming laptop is the 1920x1080 FHD. As for the screen size of at least 15.6 inch, if you want better you can use 17.3 inches.

Operating System

For games nowadays it is recommended to use Windows OS 8 or 10 64bit


Some examples of gaming laptops from various vendors:

• HP: Omen
• Acer: Predator
• Xenom: Phoenix, Shiva, Pegasus, Siren, Hercules
• Dell: Alienware
• MSI: Gaming G Series
• Lenovo: Y Series
• Asus: Republic of Gamers

Those are our 9 important guidelines before buying a gaming laptop by gamenews.biz, we hope this is very helpful and please share it to your friends in need!

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