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A collection of celebrities whose faces are similar to those in video games

A collection of celebrities whose faces are similar to those in video games
Celebrities look alike with Video Games Character 

Hello all!, gamenews.biz this times will discuss interesting and funny about a collection of celebrities whose face is very similar to the characters in the video game, is there a character of your favorite video game that is similar to the face of your idol celebrities? Let's look at the list below:

Big Boss (Metal Gear Solid) - Hugh Jackman
Game characters from the famous Metal Gear Solid series Big Boss compared to famous actor Hugh Jackman, at first glance is similar from both. Just imagine if Hugh Jackman used a blindfold on his right eye and a scratch on his left eye, he would be fit to play the role of a big boss if MGS was made into a movie!

Marduk (Tekken) - Bill Goldberg (WWE)
Both are the same fighter and wrestler and both have similar faces, what happens if Marduk fight in a ring with Bill? It will probably be the greatest battle of all time! (We know it will not happen, Marduk is not even real)

Darius (Mortal Kombat) - Walter White (Breaking Bad)
Walter White was not as strong as a Darius in mortal kombat who had terrible power and greatness in fighting, but Walter White was a criminal who have a mind that extraordinary genius.

Johnny Cage (Mortal Kombat) - Jean-Claude Van Damme
Jean-Claude Van Damme is a Belgian actor and arguably similar to the game character Mortal Kombat is Johnny Case, no special skills from Johnny Case but just his amazing martial skill.

Raven ( Tekken) - Wesley Snipes (Blade)
Do you always think that Raven from Tekken is a character inspired by Blade movie character or vice versa? If so, just calm yourself not because many people think so. In fact Raven is not inspired from the main character in the movie Blade or vice versa.

Ellen Page - Ellie (The Last of Us)
When I first played The Last of Us I thought that ellie (from The Last of Us) was a character taken from actress Ellen Page, both of whom are practically very similar, not even me who had thought they were the same, Even everyone who played the last of us also thinks they are the same. But the fact they are not the same but only their face is very similar.

Nick Offerman - Benjamin Travis (Hitman: Absolution)
Are they twins? I hope yes haha.

Marcus Fenix (Gears of War) - John Travolta (Wild Hogs)
Marcus Fenix is the protagonist of the Gears of War series published exclusively for XBOX and Windows PC, let's see john travolta if he has a beard, has scratches on his face and put on a more serious face, he has become Marcus Fenix.

And here's another collection ..

Andrew Bryniarski - Zangief (Street Fighter)
Chris Hemsworth (In The Heart of The Sea) - Edward Kenway (AC: Black Flag)
That's a collection of celebrities who are very similar to the characters in video games according to gamenews.biz, are there other celebrities who you think are similar to other video game characters? If so, let us know!

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