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PS4 News Update: Next-Gen PlayStation System Will Launch In 2018 (Analyst Predict)

Would it be too soon for Sony to release new Next-Gen PlayStation? 

Given Sony has just released PS4 Pro in November 2016, then we do not have to wait as long as we think, according to the analyst.

According the report from The Wall Street Journal reports that Macquarie Capital Securities analyst Damian Thong 
said he expected Sony to release its next-generation PlayStation by the second half of 2018 "
After the announcement from Microsoft about Xbox Scorpio that will be more powerful than the PS4 Pro, it is possible if Sony does not want to lose competitiveness by planning to make New Next-Generation Playstation to compete with Xbox Scorpio.

But if according Thong this is true, is it not too fast for Sony to release the PlayStation 5? Sony always releases new PlayStation every 6 years and ideally possible PS5 will be released in 2019.

Xbox Scorpio itself will be released at the end of 2017, and yet Sony did not provide official information about the PS5 rumors, we all know Analyst predictions don't always pan out.

The Scorpio will be able to play all Xbox One games even hundreds of Xbox 360 games. And we hope the PS5 (probably sony will give another name) can have the same features as playing old PS4 and PS3 games, or even more with 4K and 60fps resolution features as well.

Do you think sony is doing the right thing? Let's wait for official information from Sony about PS5 rumors.

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